Our mentors for the SIA Finalists 2018

Sarah Ramsey

Sarah is passionate about helping organisations develop impactful, sustainable business and operational models. Over the last 15 years she has worked with a wide range of Social Enterprises, NGOs and Charities, providing strategic, financial and operational support, to help them evolve through the various life stages. Involved with a number of start-ups, Sarah enjoys working out the essence of the social business model, shaping strategy, prioritising efforts, and developing financing proposals, to translate the idea into reality.

With a background in the private sector, Sarah helps tap into philanthropy, social financing and corporate partnerships, supporting social entrepreneurs in building impactful solutions that make best use of the available resources. A Consultant with Cass Business School and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Sarah's particular interest areas are health, community and technology.

Marc Mathys

Marc is serial social entrepreneur and a certified professional coach specializing in leadership development and transformational coaching.

During his career in Product Management and Sales, he gained extensive experience in management positions, including serving as a European Sales Director for an American hi-tech company. In 2015, he co-founded ArboLife, his first social entrepreneurship project. ArboLife is a pioneer in the emerging organization paradigm, exploring and operating with a dynamic and distributed governance model. The project now has more than forty active team members. Marc is also the cofounder of "hub neuchatel", an coworking space engaged for social entrepreneurship and new governance models.

He trained extensively in ontological coaching and transformational leadership. He coaches individuals in their personal transformation and organizations in their transformation to more sustainable, circular business models, as well as in reinventing their organization using collaborative and distributed governance models. He also created and teaches several courses in bachelor and masters curriculums. He currently teaches Reinventing Organizations, Social Entrepreneurship, Trust-based Sales Management, and a Transformational Leadership Course. He holds an Engineering Degree, an MBA in Responsible Management & Leadership; and is a certified Professional Coach.

Anaïs Pavret de La Rochefordière

Anaïs is Senior Consultant in a team dedicated to providing consulting services to International Organisations and NGOs that she joined 8 years ago.

Through her work, she supports a variety of organisations in increasing their efficiency, effectiveness and impact through the review of their processes and projects. She has deep experience in working with multi-stakeholder partnerships, and coordinating multi-location assignments. Anaïs’ professional experience has provided her with know-how in project/programme management, strategic and management reviews, quantitative and qualitative assessments, monitoring & evaluation, and work plan design in the field of International Development.

She also recently got involved in exciting projects related to the areas of diversity & inclusion and of co-creation, and is in charge of an environmental initiative that is part of her company’s CSR activities.

On a more personal level, Anaïs is a happy spouse and new mother, practices yoga, loves food and fashion, and regularly keeps an eye on activities that seek to have a positive social impact, whether at local or international level.

Anaïs holds a Master of Arts in International Relations and a Master of Sciences in International Business & Management.

Sascha Nick

Sascha is pursuing new ventures in the field of Sustainability, Biodiversity, Climate ; Entrepreneur with substantial industry & management experience

Caroline Costa

Caroline Costa comes from Brazil, from a family of smallholder farmers. The challenges in making agriculture
profitable, alongside with the difficulties to access and maintain sustainable markets is her fuel to support
entrepreneurs nowadays.
Caroline brings seventeen years of multi-sector experience in sustainability applied to agriculture and rural development. She has worked in coffee, sugar cane, juice, cocoa, cotton and exotic fruits ‘value chains. She
studied international relations, then moved on for MBA in Social Entrepreneurship Management. The complexity
in sustainability issues drove her to work on a master´s degree in rural development.
Her professional trajectory sums up into a very comprehensive view of many industries: 1. the certification (labeling) industry Max
Havelaar), 2. the coffee trading industry, 3. The private sector agribusiness/ mining industries, passing also by international cooperation agencies IFAD, governments, NGOs, and consultancies.
Caroline truly enjoys connecting people to opportunities and turning problems into solutions. Building bridges
across sectors makes her thrive!

Georgette Vun

Practical, entrepreneurial, and solution-focussed. Transitioning traditional investors to sustainable and impact investments. Guiding enterprises to meet customer and investor needs.

Intimate consideration of my clients' needs, together with considerable breadth and depth of legal and regulatory financial services experience enables me to structure solutions outside of the box, and to provide simple, flexible, efficient options.

A fast learner, with sharp scientific, technical and business acumen, eager to continuously gain knowledge in new areas and who likes to focus on the provision of high quality, solution-based advice, ongoing guidance and support for a business to evolve efficiently and effectively.

Julia Beyer

Despite a strong sens of realism, and a very pragmatic character, I believe that todays environmental, social and economic challenges have to be faced with dynamism and emotional engagement ... and with the right amount of stubborness.

With a scientific background in environmental sciences and engineering, I have had many opportunities to acquire management skills through very various projects. I have a faible for team work and NGOs, which has lead me to organise events, raise funds, as well as restructure existing organisations.

As a consultant, I merge my own knowledge with facts and figures of my clients every day business life, to take the right decision together and develop an innovative competitional advantage.

As a director, I am diplomatic and attentioned to the needs of everyone, while helping the team focus on priorities.

Diego Estrada

Diego is a Management Consultant, specialised in finance and operations. He has more than 8 years in financial consulting, helping local and global companies to optimize operations, cost management and performance through the simplification and improvement of processes, and the design of sound business practices.
He has helped +20 clients in financial services, international development, mining and retail to translate their strategy into results.
Currently he is part of an international consulting team that provides consulting services to International Organisations and NGOs in Geneva, Switzerland.
He grew up in Peru, a beautiful historic country. As many emerging economies, Peru has become a good environment for entrepreneurship and small business development. Growing in this kind of environment has increased his desire to contribute to create more opportunities for young people. Having this in mind, one of his personal goals is to help small and medium size start-ups or businesses owned by young entrepreneurs to compete in fair conditions with big corporations.
Diego holds a major in Business Administration and PMP certification.

Dr. Novie Johan

Novie Johan, Ph.D., M.B.A., B.A. runs a personal and corporate consulting and coaching practice. Her main areas of expertise is Learning, Transition & Transformation, Personal & Professional Development, Cross-cultural Analysis, and Career Management. She has published and presented internationally in the fields of Management, Education and Sociology, and Hospitality & Tourism.
Novie has worked and lived in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America and has travelled extensively. She studied at the University of Cambridge (UK), University of Surrey (UK), University of Guelph (Canada), and Swiss Education Group (Switzerland). In addition, she lectured & researched at the University of Surrey (UK), Griffith University (Australia), University of Guelph and Ryerson University (Canada).
Novie is a Fellow of Higher Education Association, and an Affiliate of the Institute of Coaching (McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School Affiliate), a Member of Academy of Management and Association of Coaching. Travel and philanthropy are her passions as she continues to work internationally on research and projects that bring positive social impacts and transformations. During her time off, she enjoys yoga, dancing, rock/ice climbing, and attending various sports and cultural activities.

Kathleen Holmlund

My dream is to see everyone have the opportunity to discover and make their unique contribution for a better world. I support initiatives dedicated to making this planet more prosperous, just and sustainable. I do this by amplifying the vision and impact of these initiatives to wider audiences through the use of diverse communication approaches.

Over the last 15 years, I have worked and volunteered my time in the communications field across various corporate and nonprofit sectors. These include consumer electronics, automotive electronics, human rights, climate, business ethics, health and food. For five years now, I have focused my efforts on working with social entrepreneurs, startups and nonprofits who are purpose-driven in making a positive impact in our world.

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