What's a Hackathon?

Hackathons are great tools to bring diverse groups of people with different backgrounds together to collaborate on challenges.

Breath, Feel, Live innovation for a day by bringing ideas to life, even if the first version may not be perfect.
Meet people, unleash your creativity, share thoughts and have a great time!


➔ How to integrate impact measurement in Social entrepreneurs' business management practices? by SIA Finalist, MeasurImpact
➔ How to provide learning opportunities to individuals and organisations with a low ability to pay and ensure sufficient revenue to be able to deliver them? by Geneva Centre for Security Policy

Agenda, 25th of August

Our experts

Sebastien Fievet Senior Software/System Engineer at Shoreware
Enrique Hablutzel A2030 Manager & IHG Business Development manager
Alex Marrable Managing Director TutorsPlus & International School Parent Magazine Editorial Director
Ivo Mulder Finance & Private Sector Coordinator at UN Environment (UNEP)
Vincenzo Pallotta Professor of Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at HEIG-VD
Beatrice Scarioni Office of the Vice-Presidency for Innovation (VPI) at EPFL
Samuel Siegfried Consultant at McKinsey & Company

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