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For this 2018 edition of the Social Impact Award Switzerland, finalists have the opportunity to be mentored by employees of UBS Geneva.

Mentors are motivated by a personal interest in social enterprises but also by a curiosity to discover new areas and share their experience.

Young entrepreneurs do not lack ideas. On the other hand, they are often faced with problems related to their lack of experience and networks when it comes to implementing them. "The goal of this mentorship program is to challenge entrepreneurs by asking them questions, so they can see their projects in a different light," says a mentor. Another confides to us, "I really feel that I have been useful in defining the business and financial model".

In addition to moral support, the mentor has the advantage of being able to take an external look at the project, provide expert financial advice, and share a unique network.

Les mentors sont récompensés par l'enthousiasme, la créativité, et l'esprit d'entrepreneurs des finalistes. En plus de la satisfaction de contribuer au potentiel succès du projets de son "mentee", il s'agit bien souvent d'une opportunité de développement personnel. Selon un employés UBS, "c'est aussi une façon de participer à la construction d'un monde meilleur".

Why UBS ?

The social engagement of UBS employees in a large number of activities for local communities is well known. Every year, all UBS employees in Switzerland have the opportunity to participate in more than 100 charitable events in every region of the country. In addition, UBS offers its employees two days a year to participate in these activities.

For more information on the engagement of UBS employees in Switzerland, please visit their page UBS employee commitment .

The Social Impact Award Switzerland 2017 is part of this support to local communities. By supporting social entrepreneurs, UBS and its employees contribute to society's change by responding to social and / or environmental needs.

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