SIA Switzerland Finalists

We are happy to announce the 11 SIA Switzerland Finalists who will be incubated at Impact Hub Geneva.

They will receive a rich coaching and mentorship program, a series of business workshops, talks and panels, a variety of networking opportunities and collaborations and the opportunity to work from an inspiring co-working environment.

This year’s applicant pool is diverse and passionate, with creative socially-driven business ideas that aim to make positive change.
The criteria for selecting the finalists were mainly these three: Social Impact, Innovation and Feasibility.

Congratulations to the finalists and to all applicants. All the projects presented were extremely interesting and we look forward to seeing them all turn into reality.

Finally, thank you to our expert jury members for taking the time and giving your valuable input!

We look forward to guiding all the finalists on their projects during the summer and keeping you updated with their successes, experiences and challenges.


Beazy is a peer-to-peer sharing platform where anyone can share what they already do or own with others and make a profit from it.


Edify is an online educational platform that helps teachers and organisations to make better use of their time and to better meet the needs of their students.

The Edify platform supports blended learning and provides a system where educators can collaborate with one-another in the creation and sharing of materials.

Assistive Artificial Intelligence further enhances Edify by making the creation of learning materials easier and supporting the assessment of students.

The B.ottle Project

Are you shocked by images of plastic on beaches, in water and nature? If we don’t start looking for ecological and competitive alternatives, plastic production will continue to increase and even double in the next 20 years with disastrous consequences. The objective of our project is therefore to explore the feasibility of a biodegradable alternative to reduce the negative impact of single-use plastic bottles.


SustainTable is a service which aims to collect and valorize food waste in the catering industry. The food surplus which is stored safely will be redistributed to social institutions. Otherwise, SustainTable commits to transform the collected waste into high-quality organic compost to reduce the environmental impact of food waste.


Mintrash is a household organic waste collection bin designed to reduce odour emissions and increase the time before it has to be emptied. With its elegant design, this high-tech and affordable compost container will transform your kitchen.

Let's talk waste

Let's Talk Waste is an environmental services company that seeks to sensitize your collaborators to better manage their waste using the 3R approach: reduce, reuse, recycle.
On top of designing your office-waste strategy, Let's Talk Waste offers inspirational and educational content to incite your collaborators to be more sustainable in the way that they produce and handle their waste at work and at home.
Let's Talk Waste was imagined by Julia, a social entrepreneur and environmental engineer trained at EPFL with a strong drive to improve the impact of human activities on the environment.

Olistic the Label

OLISTIC The Label est une marque de mode française qui propose des pièces uniques, certifiées organiques. Inspiré de la nature, le nom de la marque vient de l’adjectif holistique Qui relève du holisme, qui s'intéresse à son objet dans sa globalité de l’homme et l’environnement.

Développé en Europe, les vêtements sont conçus avec des matières 100% naturelles et certifiés par le label GOTS. La marque apporte un impact social positif en travaillant avec des femmes en réinsertion sociale pour les broderies faites à la main. OLISTIC The Label propose principalement des robes, combinaisons en satin de soie et organza pour des évènements d’exception. L’esthétique de la marque est épurée et minimaliste. Inspirée par le slow life style, la collection est destinée aux bohèmes et gypsets.

Refugee Voices

Refugee Voices aims to unlock the creative potential of refugees by building confidence and developing performance art in a compassionate and collaborative environment.

Refugee Voices wants to create a safe space for refugees to transform challenging experiences into positive creative expression, to grow and empower them as individuals and allow communities to benefit from the diversity of talent in society.


Aequaland is an app that offers “gender-equal” eBooks that kids and parents can read, listen and play with online. Our eBooks require children to participate actively and interact with the content. This engaging format enhances their reading and learning experience. Aequaland enables children to discover their interests and passions, and ultimately unlock their true potential. And we boost parents' skills to tackle gender issues with inspiration and innovation.


Drink our delicious coffee from rural Colombian regions and support our formal Colombian coca farmers with the transition to a more sustainable life as a coffee farmer. Cowasi makes coffee farming attractive for the Next Generation of Colombian farmers and helps Colombia in the reformation of the drug trade.


Train, Connect and Support are the main objectives of the mobile application Empowa. By adopting a multidisciplinary approach, we want the diabetic patient to be the actor of the management of his disease and not the spectator. The final goals are to improve the patient compliance to his treatment and enhance his quality of life.

Pourquoi participer au SIA, par les fondateurs des projets finalistes SIA?

@Co-Objectifs 21 SA: Passionné par l'environnement, je suis heureux de participer à un concours qui cherche des projets qui agissent pour le bien commun.

@LittleSwitzerland: Nous participons au SIA pour tester la faisibilité de notre projet aupres des experts ayant des compétences complémentaires aux notres.

@MarketLab: Afin d'avoir des différents "insights" sur notre modèle d'affaire, des visions différentes, des informations complémentaires et être "challangées" sur notre projet.

@GrosselinCulture: Découvrir de nouveaux projets / personnes avec lesquels collaborer ou promouvoir dans le futur.

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