SIA Switzerland Jury Winners

We are happy to announce the 4 winners of this first edition of SIA Switzerland organized by Impact Hub Geneva!

Each Finalist had to submit a Business Model Canvas / Business Plan at the end of their summer incubation at the end of August and our Jury members evaluated them on three dimensions: Social Impact, Innovation and Feasibility. In addition, during the Award Ceremony, Jury members present at the event evaluated the pitch on how interesting and clearly understandable their project was.
Each dimension accounts for 25% of the grade and the SIA Jury Awards were given to the 3 projects that receive the highest average score.


Thinkmilk is a Swiss-Brazilian startup developing low-cost electronic devices to analyse milk substances rate, traces of antibiotics, and animal diseases while the cow is milked, in real time, preventing epidemics and offering tools to help farmers to reach international quality standards.

Developed by students from École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and University of São Paulo (USP), Thinkmilk's connected technologies increase the productivity of those who are responsible for 70% of total agricultural lands and food production in the world, helping family farming producers to have a better quality of life and dairy consumers, to eat better quality food.


Gymitrainer is an online course for the high school entrance exam in Switzerland. The course enables students to take lessons, watch videos, solve exercises, receive feedback and get in touch with peers or teachers. With the help of this online course, students can prepare at their own pace, from wherever they are and for comparably low costs.
The online courses on the platform can be taken individually as an autonomous learner or in combination with a physical course where students meet up in learning groups guided by a “Gymitrainer”.

Cuisine Lab

Cuisine lab is a community of locals and newcomers, sharing our love of food and cooking as a catalyst for intercultural exchange, personal growth, and integration. We emphasise sustainable practices through sourcing our ingredients locally, celebrating our community’s diversity, and building loving partnerships.

Through preparing and sharing meals together, cuisine lab celebrates the richness of our cultural diversity and traditions. We aim to build a stronger community one meal at a time. Even if you don't share a common language or culture you can start by sharing a recipe and meal together.

Our goals are:

To work with asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in Switzerland to provide them the opportunity to share their culture and cuisine and make meaningful contributions.
To foster human connections between diverse nationalities in Geneva in a celebratory environment that facilitates interaction.
To enable a compassionate local response to the global issue of forced migration.
To provide multi-cultural affordable quality food experiences through culinary events.
To facilitate economic opportunities for asylum seekers, refugees and associations that support them.
Check-out their website!

SIA Switzerland Community Winner

The Community Award is given to the Finalist who receives the most online votes for their presentation video during the community voting which took place from the 1st till the 27th of September.
SIA Switzerland received 3267 votes, making it the second country with the most votes among the 18 countries participating in SIA 2017.
Code in Creativity received 453 distinct votes!

Code In Creativity

Code in Creativity project aims to attract more girls into tech industry by combining programming with creative digital technology. The approach corresponds with the career-aspiration of women and girls around the world.

In EU, 80% of women say they want creative, independent jobs. In Ukraine, only 1% of girls are interested in programming. Majority of jobs desired are creativity related.

The aim of the course is to show that creativity is an integral part of jobs in the fields of web-design, graphic design, video production, digital cinematography, produce design, 3D printing and many others. Artists & Designers are one of the five job categories where coding skills are valuable for candidates.

The ability not only to use but also to program software is often required. Hence, the knowledge of coding language will give an advantage to girls on the job market.

What did they win?

Personalized incubation & co-working space

3 months of personalized incubation at Impact Hub Geneva & Lausanne  including access to the co-working space, startup labs focusing on their needs and free access to Business Help Desk experts. More information about our memberships here.

International Summit

All winners will receive a ticket to SIA International Summit that will be held in Georgia in November 2018: 3 days of intensive business validation workshops with fellow SIA winners worldwide. 

Seed Funding

Seed funding to cover for their first expenses will be given to Jury winners: 4'000 CHF for the 1st Jury Award, 2'000 CHF for the 2nd.

Amaphiko Storytelling workshop

1-day personalized Red Bull Amaphiko Storyteller Workshop at the Media World in Lucerne and dedicated story on website.

Unleash Project

Free access to the whole cycle of the The Unleash Project — your way to meaningful careers and institutions organized by Euforia.

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