• Olistic The Label

    Olistic the label explores the connection between human and earth. Inspired by nature fabrics are only made with natural certified organic fibres.

    The name of the brand comes from the adjective “holistique”, which under OLISTIC THE LABEL essence is reflected as a whole where the human is connecting to the Earth. Everything you do has an impact on the Earth, what you buy, what you eat, how you travel and live.
    Produced in portugal, Olistic the label seeks to bring a positive social impact by creating jobs and empower women. The community create luxurious and unique handmade embroidery. There is a real connection between the makers, the designer and the wearers.
    The brand is redefining  evening dresses bending romantic silhouettes with a contemporary bohemian twist. Influenced by boundless landscapes, it offers effortless french elegance with a wild adventurous spirit

    Olistic the label will not follow trends, but will offer unique and limited collections. The pieces can be personalized and adjusted to fit different types of bodies.
    In the olistic way, the brand promote a slow lifestyle where trust, passion and respect is the core


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